World PvP Championship Diablo 1

**Discord invite: Diablo I | The Horadrim

Event Leader : Constantine#4534

Event Channel : #world-pvp-championship

I’m happy to announce the new PvP Tournament with a price pool of 100$ . I’ll also accept item donations that might be helpful for newer/returning people into the PvP scene.

Before I continue I want to explain what this competitive scene will be all about. SpeedGaming has agreed to rehost our matches with professional commentary over their Twitch/Youtube channels. This exposure will bring a low of new people into the D1 community for sure, in one of our last attempts we had over 1k real-time viewers. In addition I don’t want people to be too focused on winning or loosing. In my personal opinion D1 PvP is subjective since we are not evaluated under 1 latency & circumstances, but doing your best and making a good & exciting show surely is part of it.

Players will face each other in a Round of Robin style (everyone will face everyone else at some point). Since I expect more participants than before & I understand everyone is busy in their personal life the tournament will be live probably till the last months of this year(If we finish early we can do a 2v2 tournament). Each match will be in a best of 9 setting(Bo9) and each duel will give you a set amount of points. If you win a “clean victory” ( winning the duel by 5/0 , 5/1 , 5/2 ) you will be awarded full 2 Points for that. For a “competitive victory” ( winning by 5/3 , 5/4 ) will award you 1,5 points and your opponent will be awarded 0,5 points. In a draw scenario both players get 1 point. Needless to say the one to have the most points at the end of the tournament will win 1’st place, followed by 2’nd and so on…

The tournament is set to start next month (1’st May), I’ll create full ruleset since the old ones have some grey areas in between but mostly it will be the same: 8 potions per round, etc…

Register now warrior, all you need is a name and a class. A name to be remembered a class to be mastered !!!

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